A $100 deposit is mandatory to secure your appointment, and will go towards your service. Deposits are nonrefundable, but are transferable to a rescheduled date (if 72 hour notice is given). No shows, cancellations, or clients that do not give a 72 hour notice for rescheduling will forfeit their deposit. As we do have a strict late policy, clients that are late by 15 minutes or longer will have their appointment cancelled and deposit forfeited as well. In these cases, another $100 deposit will be required to book a new appointment. 


Please arrive on time to the scheduled appointment. There is a 15 minute grace period, but if the 15 minutes is exceeded the appointment will be cancelled, deposit forfeited, and rescheduling with a new deposit will be necessary.


Any service at Sammy Yoshikami Studio requires clients to be at least 18 years of age.  


It is very important to follow the precare instructions. Each guideline is in place to ensure the best results possible. If the precare instructions are ignored, the appointment may be declined due to the skin possibly not being in the right condition to tattoo. 


The complimentary touch up is recommended to take place 6 weeks after your initial visit, but is valid for up to 3 months incase a scheduling conflict arises. It is the client’s responsibility to book the touch up within that time frame. 

If the 3 month-period is exceeded, it will be treated as an additional touch up ($100). 

If a third touch up is needed, an additional touch up ($100) is valid for 5 months after your initial procedure. 

Annual touch ups can take place anywhere between 1 - 2 years from the original procedure date (1.5 years is recommended). As long as the appointment falls within that time frame, the annual touch up price ($250) will apply. If two years is exceeded, the next appointment will be priced and treated as a full procedure ($500- $650). After the 2 year mark, the brows will be very faded and will need both an initial and complimentary sessions to bring them back to a full shape with saturated color. 


Clients looking to have previous microblading or a faded tattoo covered or refreshed must text or email photos for approval prior to booking. Some brow tattoos can not be reworked due to a few different factors: the brows not being faded enough, if heavy scarring is present, or the color needing correction is too strong. Working over previously tattooed skin may cause challenges even if there is a small amount of scarring present. For these clients, results in two sessions are not guaranteed, and a third touch up may be necessary to give the best outcome for the brow. If photos are not sent over for approval, your appointment will be at risk to be declined when you come in for your appointment. An extra fee of $50 may be added to correct discolored brows. New clients looking for a brow touch up coming from another artist must book for the full price procedure as there is color and shape correction to keep in mind. Rates for touch ups are for existing clients only.


Everyone's brows will settle in differently depending on lifestyle, skin type, skin tone, age, sun exposure, aftercare of your brow tattoo, and many more factors. Results are NOT guaranteed.


The only people allowed in the procedure room are the artist, artist’s assistant, and the client. Any additional guests will need to wait in the waiting area until the procedure is finished. There are no exceptions to this rule as having other people in the procedure room may delay the appointment, as well as the area needing to be as sterile as possible. 


All prices subject to change.